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Discovering An Abandoned Race Track in Germany


In what amounts to the world’s worst car show, two guys travel to Germany and discover an abandoned race track.

What follows is the usual debauchery the GNARPM crew seems to always find themselves in.

Equipped with a couple rental cars of different calibers (Mazda Miata vs Porsche 911), these guys break into the grounds of Nurburgring, drive down back roads, and head off road to find the overgrown southern track.  All the while they entertain us and themselves with burn outs, drifting, and doughnuts.

Who is GNARPM?  Have you seen Top Gear?  Imagine if Top Gear had originally been started by 20 something American’s in their dad’s garage.  It’s a raw look at what a car show is like when run by your average car enthusiast.


Written by James Finn

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