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One Freedive To Never Forget


Freediving is a mind bending sport.

I actually got to spend a fair amount of time freediving while living in the Florida Keys.

While scuba diving might seem more enjoyable to the world, I prefer freediving.

Exploring life under the sea without the bulk of dive tanks holding you down, or the mechanical noises of a re breather gives a  deeper feeling of connection with the world around you.

In this video, professional free divers transform the sport into a work of art.

It depicts the journey of a diver as he seemingly falls through space and time of an underwater universe.

No doubt this journey wasn’t actually completed in a single breath, it’s still an amazing dramatic story.

This may seem like the journey of a single man, but it couldn’t be done without the efforts of several sponsors and an entire team of divers and camera crew.

Well done guys.  Well done.


Written by James Finn

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