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Travelgrammer Of The Week: Mark Harrison

This week’s travel Instagrammer is Mark Harrison.

Mark is a travelling Canadian videographer.

I found out about Mark through a previous Travelgrammer of the week.

Jorden Tually, popular for his Lifestyle Jorden account travels regularly with other influencers.

That’s how I found Mark.

Mark has been on recent mission I can get behind.

It’s called Project Lombok.

Project Lombok is an effort to help raise Indonesian youth out of poverty through education.

Mark and the team he’s apart of has already raised over $90,000.

They’re nearly at their $100,000 goal.

The Project Lombok team includes another Travelgrammer of the week alumni.

Jackson Groves from a few weeks ago is also a member.

Good Luck Guys.



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Bird whispering 🧙🏻‍♂️🐦

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Playing with light and time.

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