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Will Smith Wanted To Go Skiing In The Desert?


The desert’s around Dubai often go well over 100°F. One building in Dubai defies all odds and makes snow a regular occurrence.  While on tour, actor Will Smith, aka The Fresh Prince, stays over night in this winter oasis.

This building contains a year round winter wonderland that includes sledding, skiing, and zorbing.  If you don’t know what Zorbing is, it’s where you get inside a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill.

No doubt running costs for a ski slope in a desert are high.  To enjoy this oasis, tickets cost over $80 for a full day on the slopes.  In comparison, the price for a day pass to a prestige ski resort in America is about the same. Comparable seems good until you realize Ski Dubai only has one run and takes the average person less than a minute to complete.

Still, there is something to be said for telling your friends you went skiing in the middle of the desert.


Written by James Finn

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